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How to Install a Double Glazed Window

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How to Install a Double Glazed Window

How to Install a Double Glazed Window

Are you thinking of installing a double glazed window yourself? You don’t want the workmen to make a mess in your home? You can save some money by fitting the window yourself. It is not a challenging task but there are certain factors the professionals know, which make it easier to install your double glazed window safely.

Follow the steps to fit a double glazed window:

Things you will need:

  • Drill
  • Chisel
  • Screwdriver
  • Spirit Level
  • Frame Fixings
  • Silicone Sealant
  • Gloves

Make Sure the Frame is Clean

You should remove all the traces of the silicone, you can use a chisel to remove the silicone along the edges.

Check and Clean the Window Unit

Usually, there will be some amounts of sealant on the window. It can be removed using a razor blade in a window scraper. There may be chunks of adhesive on the edge of the unit. It can be removed using a chisel.

Check the Window Fits

Put on gloves to prevent the chance of cutting yourself. Place the new window into the frame at the top, placing it on the edge of window sill. You need to place 4 rubber setting pads, then use a suction cup to lift the unit and place it in the frame. In case, it does not fit you might need a chisel to enlarge the window frame.


It is difficult to handle window unit by yourself, it is advised that 2 people can ease it in. Use the sealing tape on all the sides of the frame. It is recommended to not stretch the tape, you should hold the tape in position with one hand and use your finger to line it with the frame. When you are finished with all the sides, remove the white tape.

Add the Setting Blocks

You need to add 4 setting blocks on the sill. They will make sure the base does not sit in moisture and that each sheet of glass is supported. Usually, the window frame is sloped to allow water to run off.

Insert the Window

Place a bead of silicon along the base for the glass to sit on. Insert the window and add a stop so that it does not fall out.

Add External Beading

Hammer small nails into the wood, ensure that they come out on the side of the wood. Push firmly on the glass when hammering in the nails and be careful not to hit the glass. It is recommended that to wrap a piece of rubber around the hammer. It will minimize the risk and use as a nail punch.

Paint the Frame

Now you just have to paint the frame, you can also paint the frame before attaching if you are a good painter. Then you will just have to do a touch-up.

An important tip is to always wear gloves to ensure the safety of your hands. Try these steps and let us know in the comments below.

For a more advanced guide of how to install double glazing click the link to a company i highly recommend called complete glazing.

10 cheap ways to increase the value of your house

10 cheap ways to increase the value of your house

10 cheap ways to increase the value of your house

If you are currently thinking of moving house and want to sell yours, then there are a few things that you should consider. Before having an estate agent come round to value your home, there are certain ways of increasing the value of your house and in return, getting more money for it. Research shows that there are 10 ways to improve your house and will then improve the value of it.

Make your house a home

Homes are more appealing to most and people are more likely to warm to a home rather than it feeling like a house. To do this, things like having an electric fireplace as a focal point for your living room is always a good idea, Best Electric Fireplaces have a great range of electric fires for sale (

Make your kitchen inviting

Kitchens are still thought of as the ‘heart of the home’. Buyers will more than likely base their decision on whether or not the kitchen is liveable. Kitchens are a big part of selling a house as you can’t make or store food without one. (Think Victoria Plumb)

Make it squeaky clean

Your bathroom must be squeaky clean when taking viewings. No one will want to see your mess or dirty clothes on the floor. Most importantly, if your bathroom is dirty and hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned, that can put buyers off as they expect everything to be spotless.

Lighten up your life

If a house has damaged lighting, lack of lighting or lighting that isn’t nice to look at, it can change the whole appearance of the house. By just popping to Ikea and buying some old fashioned, modern or traditional lamps, chandeliers or light shades, it can really spice up your home and can instantly take 10 years off it.

This post was a little bit out of character for me, I have decided to provide more value to my visitors instead of just boring on about my local & personal life, so I hope you enjoyed it, if you did please comment or share.