Hello, my name is Barry Fox. I live near Gailey Island, A5 in Staffordshire. I am a 57

year old man with a passion for my community. I decided to make this blog page to

help people know what is going on, on the A5 as well as ensuring that if something

has happened, if they can, they can miss it and be at their destination quicker. I like

helping people with their journeys but also discussing issues I feel are a problem and

want advice or want your opinion on the matter.

My blogs will include any information I find out, accidents that have happened,

research on when the roads will be open etc. and also I will be blogging about things I

feel need to be accessed and need to be put in to action. I am a very family man and

will always do anything to keep my family and friends safe, and I feel blogging can

help that! I want my voice to be heard and I also want other people’s voices to be

heard. So, if you have any issues you want to discuss with the world or you have an

opinion on one of my blogs, contact me here. I would love to hear from you.