It’s Been A While

It’s Been A While

Wow what a cracking weekend! Me and the wife are currently in the process of getting our garden landscaped before any work could be done we have to call in some local tree surgeons to tackle the enormous trees in our garden!

A friend recommended West Bromwich Tree Surgeons so we gave them a try! We had quote over £3000 to do this job we couldn’t believe it! Any how these guys almost halved those ridiculous quotes and got it all everything done over the weekend! We found them on facebook here’s their page

So that’s phase one of our midlife crisis complete… Next in line are the diggers (ugh)

There hasn’t been much to report on the A5 these past few months, i think we all know that que in the morning up to Gailey island is getting bigger and bigger…

Me and my partner use the Brewood route now to commute instead of waiting in the long que for twenty minutes.

Please Read:

In the coming months we are going to be campaigning for stricter speed limits and penalties for anyone speeding and anyone caught overtaking on the A5, these are the two most common causes of accidents and we feel that the punishment for driving dangerously and risking others lives should be more severe.

If you would like to join this campaign please send a email to