Be Careful!

Be Careful!

This blog is to make you aware of just how dangerous the A5 is between Gailey

Island and Weston Park. So many accidents have happened now from at least one

driver being careless and not taking enough notice. The road is dangerous when it

comes to visibility as the road goes up and down so sometimes it is impossible to see

if there is any oncoming traffic, which I myself have witnessed drivers pulling out and

overtaking anyway, regardless of the lack of vision.


I am writing this blog as I feel so strong about the fact that there is not one single

speed camera along that stretch and is completely unacceptable! When so many

accidents happen down that road, you think it would be the right thing and clever

thing to do would be to put speed camera along the road. But I have yet to see one!

People overtake and speed and go as fast as they want down there as they know that

there are no cameras to catch them. I have witnessed drivers going past me doing way

more than 60 mph and I am sure most people have witnessed that too!


Being such a dangerous road, I personally think there should be at least one camera

down that stretch! I think it would stop some of the accidents from happening as

drivers wouldn’t be able to speed.


Past Gailey Island on the left, there is a turning to a little village called Brewood.

People pull out of there knowing that at any moment a car could come over the brow

of the hill, heading towards Gailey Island. I just think that nothing is safe on that road

and I think something needs to be done about it! People speed over the brow of the

hill not knowing that someone may have just pulled out from the Brewood turning

and be going a lot slower than them! I think if there were speed cameras, they

wouldn’t be able to go so fast or they would be fined. This is just my opinion, but

please, please let me know if you agree… maybe we could do something about it.