No Issues to report

The A5 between cannock and telford is running smoothly, no issues to report or any warnings, if you are traveling out over Christmas please be safe and check weather conditions in advance, have a great Christmas eve with your friends and family and a happy new year!

Barry out.

Could there be more traffic?

Could there be more traffic?


With Stafford’s new Riverside Retail Complex currently being built, it is now starting to look nice! Since January 2014 they announced that they would build this complex and stated how amazing it would be. With a 900-space car park, Stafford locals are really getting excited as they may actually be able to park somewhere in Stafford for the day!

Eighteen shops are supposedly going to be there, including a Marks and Spencer with a glass roof! They are really going all out on this complex and I am sure loads of people are very, very excited for it!

But, that being said, it will attract more and more visitors from out of Stafford with it’s sh read more…

*New Local Business Alert*

Good afternoon, this ones a little off topic but we have a brand new local business in town called InterLead, i promised this wonderful couple i would write them an article on my blog after we got speaking at our local ham and eggery: The Bell. read more…

Christmas Madness

Well you can tell Christmas is approaching fast! Everyone is clearly in a rush to get their last minute presents! I popped into Stafford earlier this evening and could not believe just how bad the traffic was! I thought I would write this blog to warn everyone that if you decide to set off to do some late Christmas shopping, I would try to stay clear of Stafford centre between 4:30pm and 6:00pm as that is when the traffic is at its worst as you have people leaving work, schools, read more…

Be Careful!

This blog is to make you aware of just how dangerous the A5 is between Gailey

Island and Weston Park. So many accidents have happened now from at least one

driver being careless and not taking enough notice. The road is dangerous when it

comes to visibility as the road goes up and down so sometimes it is impossible to see

if there is any oncoming traffic, which I myself have witnessed drivers pulling out and

overtaking anyway, regardless of the lack of vision.


I am writing this blog as I feel so strong about the fact that there is not one single

speed camera along that stretch and is c read more…

M54 Info Christmas Holidays

Hi guys, Barry here.

If you are anything like me, you will be getting rather frustrated with the traffic around our area at the minute! It is atrocious! I have done some research and found out that it isn’t the a5 that is the problem, it’s the M54!

Apparently, the hard shoulder is closed and also one lane is closed due to emergency repairs! read more…